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Ragllan and the Curse of the Black Dog by Sarah Kendall 

Set admist the leafy backdrop of Cuckdown Wood and inspired by the beautiful Sussex countryside where Sarah grew up, this epic story revolves around a young Nature Spirit called Ragllan. 
Sent from the eternal kingdom of Summerland, Ragllan is destined to free a race of wolf-like creatures from a terrible curse that transforms the passive herbivores into ruthless killers every month, on the night of the full moon.
Full of magic, mystery and humour, Ragllan and the Curse of the Black Dog is a highly entertaining read that will delight readers young and old.
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NEW ALBUM - The Hare Among the Heather  (January 2023)
This is my latest recording project. Recorded once again in my home studio. Its' me using all my abilities on multiple instruments and vocals, work in progress on arrangements and recording techniques. I am very pleased with the results and in some ways consider this CD to be my very best so far. It fits well with the repertoire that I have selected for my recent solo concerts, indeed there is a fair amount of solo fiddle on this album. As ever I do hope that it will be received well and if you would like to support my musical efforts then you can purchase a copy now on the following link:  CLICK HERE

ALBUM OF SONGS - Fiddler's Green - A Collection of Songs  SOLD OUT

This is a collection of ten songs that are all relevant in some way to my journey in music since I was so inspired to play traditional songs and tunes as a teenager. Recorded in my home studio, I have had to (due to covid) engineer, arrange, produce and perform everything myself. I've even had to deal with photoshop and the artwork which has never been a strong point of mine. I have to say though, it's looking pretty good. I've enjoyed the process very much and Fiddler's Green is my second album produced during lockdown. I have played violin, viola, mandolin, low whistle, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, percussion and of course vocals. I'm very pleased with the final result and I hope that this album will be as well received as MYRIAD, my first lockdown recording.

Garry Blakeley solo album   MYRIAD   SOLD OUT
Myriad is a collection of songs and tunes produced during lockdown. Garry Blakeley is renowned for being one of this country’s best fiddlers and composers of fiddle music. March 2020 found him alone in his studio with time on his hands. Unable to utilise the talents of his many musician friends due to the restrictions that were in place, he has compiled a collection of tracks using his multi-instrumental abilities and finely tuned vocal skills. The album is a mix of traditional material and self penned songs and tunes in a traditional style. It is true to say that under normal circumstances this album would have never come to fruition and can be considered a positive outcome from a very difficult period in time.
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NUTS & BOLTS - our new album is now completed! We are very pleased with the results and have had great feedback from fans so far. You can purchase a copy directly from the MUSIC & CD page of this website or if you go to:  you can preview the tracks and get a really good idea of what you are buying!

AN AUDIENCE WITH:  June 6th at the Stag in Hastings Old Town. 7.00pm - 8.30pm I will be chatting about my influences and my favourite tracks, playing a few tunes.  CLICK TO VIEW


This very recent collaboration of two Hastings based musicians has produced an eclectic range of songs and sounds. Although they have both been based mainly in Hastings for the last forty years, this is the first time that they have joined together to combine their creative talents. Bear’s major influences include the likes of Rory Gallagher, Andy Summers, John Martyn, Ed Sheeran and James Bay. Mark Kelly (Altan) said of him, “Some really dynamic chordal arrangements – lovely.” Brooke Sharkey said, “Smooth, groovy and delicate guitar player with a fantastic ear. A joy to hear and to play with.” Bear has toured Ireland, the UK and Europe with various artists including Karen Tweed. Locally he is known and respected for his work with Local Heroes and Cut the Mustard. Garry Blakeley’s influences are set very much in the Folk and Folk Rock traditions. Early influences include Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, The Bothy Band and The Dubliners. He toured Europe with the renowned Irish trio Brian Boru and Norwegian base folk group Spitzkarine. He has supported Steeleye, Christy Moore and Fairport, and is known locally for his work with The Mariners, Better Days, Barry Dransfield, Band of Two, The Tabs and more recently, Blakeley & Son. He is recognised as one of the best fiddle players in the country and as a strong vocalist. He now tours regularly with the highly acclaimed Feast of Fiddles, along side such players as Peter Knight, Chris Leslie and Phil Beer (Show of Hands). Simon Nichol (Fairport) said of him,
“Garry's work shows a happy meld of youthful bounce and spirit with a mature sense of the inner value of the driving melodies seemingly tossed off without apparent effort: at the same time this man is no mean tunesmith and he can make his fiddle sing with real depths of emotion"