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Ragllan and the Curse of the Black Dog by Sarah Kendall 
Set admist the leafy backdrop of Cuckdown Wood and inspired by the beautiful Sussex countryside where Sarah grew up, this epic story revolves around a young Nature Spirit called Ragllan. 
Sent from the eternal kingdom of Summerland, Ragllan is destined to free a race of wolf-like creatures from a terrible curse that transforms the passive herbivores into ruthless killers every month, on the night of the full moon.
Full of magic, mystery and humour, Ragllan and the Curse of the Black Dog is a highly entertaining read that will delight readers young and old.
Please take a look at the book at the link below for further information and purchase details.

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Garry Blakeley has been involved with music since the age of seven. He studied the violin and piano through his school years eventually going on to college, Dartington College of Arts. He was a regular in folk clubs from as early as 1971 playing with The Mariners and The Telham Tinkers. He toured Europe often with the Celtic band, Brian Boru, has supported such artists as Christy Moore and Steeleye Span, has worked and recorded with the legendary Barry Dransfield and has recorded numerous albums which are available on this website. He is very comfortable with the folk rock genre having spent many years playing with Better Days and The Tabs and is now a member of the celebrated Feast of Fiddles where he is working with Phil BeerChris LesliePeter KnightTom LearyBrian McNeillIan CutlerHugh CrabtreeDave MattacksMartin Vincent and Dave Harding.

NEW ALBUM - The Hare Among the Heather  (January 2023)
This is my latest recording project. Recorded once again in my home studio. Its' me using all my abilities on multiple instruments and vocals, work in progress on arrangements and recording techniques. I am very pleased with the results and in some ways consider this CD to be my very best so far. It fits well with the repertoire that I have selected for my recent solo concerts, indeed there is a fair amount of solo fiddle on this album. As ever I do hope that it will be received well and if you would like to support my musical efforts then you can purchase a copy now on the following link:  CICK HERE

ALBUM OF SONGS - Fiddler's Green - A Collection of Songs  SOLD OUT
This new album is a collection of ten songs that are all relevant in some way to my journey in music since I was so inspired to play traditional songs and tunes as a teenager. Recorded in my home studio, I have had to (due to covid) engineer, arrange, produce and perform everything myself. I've even had to deal with photoshop and the artwork which has never been a strong point of mine. I have to say though, it's looking pretty good. I've enjoyed the process very much and Fiddler's Green is my second album produced during lockdown. I have played violin, viola, mandolin, low whistle, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, percussion and of course vocals. I'm very pleased with the final result and I hope that this album will be as well received as MYRIAD, my first lockdown recording.

I've been working very hard, writing and recording a new album. I have had to do everything myself of course due to the lockdown being in place. I have a home studio and have been self educating on how to get a better result starting with engineering, microphone placement and controling the sound in the room. Then there's the performance, that's got to be good or it's a road to nowhere. It's about 60% written by me and 40% traditional material, that being the starting place I then have to work an arrangement. Then comes the mixing and the mastering, another world of learning but I have enjoyed the experience. I have had some very good advice from Edd of course which has been extremely helpful. Having sorted out that little job it was on to the artwork, photoshop - another new expereience for me. I'm very proud of the results.
Now available to download on Bandcamp (you can have a listen to the tracks so it's a good place to check it out).

Blakeley & Son - Nuts and Bolts

NUTS & BOLTS - our new album is now completed! We are very pleased with the results and have had great feedback from fans so far. You can purchase a copy directly from the MUSIC & CD page of this website or if you go to:  you can preview the tracks and get a really good idea of what you are buying! 


Blakeley & Son  -  The Long Way Home  SOLD OUT
The locally renowned father and son duo released their debut collaboration CD a few years ago - a fiddle album ranging from pure traditional through to world and improvised jazz. Included are some exciting self penned fiddle tunes, by esteemed fiddler Garry Blakeley, and some all-new arrangements of classic traditional tracks arranged in the duo’s unique fashion. Their musical talents combined to produce a top class, joyous album and, with some special guest appearances, created a listening experience that is very much a reflection of their live gigs. This album for the time being has sold out. 

You can view various videos on the Music & CD's page !

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