Garry Blakeley

Garry Blakeley has been involved with music since the age of seven. He studied the violin and piano through his school years eventually going on to college, Dartington College of Arts. He was a regular in folk clubs from as early as 1971 playing with The Mariners and The Telham Tinkers. He toured Europe often with the Celtic band, Brian Boru, has supported such artists as Christy Moore and Steeleye Span, has worked and recorded with the legendary Barry Dransfield and has recorded numerous albums which are available on this website. He is very comfortable with the folk rock genre having spent many years playing with Better Days and The Tabs and is now a member of the celebrated Feast of Fiddles where he is working with Phil BeerChris LesliePeter KnightTom LearyBrian McNeillIan CutlerHugh CrabtreeDave MattacksMartin Vincent and Dave Harding.

Pete Fyfe 
It was around 1989 that I first met Pete Fyfe, at a beer festival of all places, here in Hastings. We had both just been made redundant due to the economic situation at the time and Pete asked me if I would be interested in doing some gigs with him. We shared a love of Celtic music and we got along very well. Pete was already well known on the circuit and had been since the early seventies. Along with his brother Chris, he had nurtured a well-deserved reputation for being a superb player. I didn’t know Pete at all in those early years so I can’t really say much about that period of his life. The man that I grew to love was warm, polite, fun loving and very congenial. He was hard working and was relentless in his efforts to find work for our duo, Band of Two. He was a strong vocalist, simply brilliant on the banjo, a superb mandolin player and excellent guitarist and could knock a tune out on the whistle or bouzouki if needed. He couldn’t help but smile when he played; a wide grin would appear immediately when he started performing and it was still there at the end of the show. People often remarked on it. He was good with people. They liked him because of his natural warmth and easygoing manner. He had developed a very entertaining style of performance over the years, mainly from playing in pubs and clubs and he could communicate with people with great ease. I never ever heard a bad word said about Pete on the folk scene. He was known and loved by many very well established artists, not only for his music and his big smile, but also for his work as a reviewer; a job that I know he enjoyed immensely and one that he was undoubtedly very good at. There is so much that I could say about Pete because he had such a full life. Music was a huge part of that and I am so grateful that I got to share many joyful years with this splendid man. He will be sorely missed by many and very much so by me.
Garry Blakeley

Blakeley & Son  -  The Long Way Home 
The locally renowned father and son duo have released their debut collaboration CD - a fiddle album ranging from pure traditional through to world and improvised jazz. Included are some exciting new fiddle tunes, by esteemed fiddler Garry Blakeley, and some all-new arrangements of classic traditional tracks arranged in the duo’s unique fashion. Their musical talents have combined to produce a top class, joyous album and, with some special guest appearances, create a listening experience that is very much a reflection of their live gigs. Blakeley & Son at their finest has finally arrived.
The album can be purchased from: click here  -  you can also listen to the first track of the album on this link. 

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Garry has agreed to play a few concerts with the celebrated Vocal Explosion.

Vocal Explosion Choir perform
Music from around the World
A Journey from Africa to Eastern Europe

Tel. Juliet on 07972485619

The Tabs are a great band and did most of their gigging from 1990 through to about 2004 with 4 albums to their name. They were very popular with audiences both locally and on the festival scene. They performed at the prestigious Fairport Cropredy festival in 1995 to around 20,000 people with great revues. Great that they have reformed - always hugely enjoyable to be a part of.

Edd Blakeley (banjo, mandola, guitar, vocals) Roger Flack (guitar, vocals)
Roger Carey (bass guitar, vocals) Garry Blakeley (fiddle, vocals)  
Adam Flack 

CD NOW AVAILABLE - The Wheel of the Year
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